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Regional Groups & Working Groups

In today's world, brand management is facing an increasing number of new challenges. The way brands are managed is being altered by a number of varying factors and their consequences, including the digitalisation of media, a broad variety of information channels to customers, social media, cross-industry partnerships, and increasing participation and co-creation.

The Regional Group Italy began coordinating events in 2008. The group has been proactive in collaborating discussions and debates that refer to the significant issues in the region.

The Regional Group Poland has been active in organising events and activities since 2008. The group discusses and debates a wide variety of communication topics that focus on current issues that concern Poland and  take into account the broader European and global communication situation.

Our decade experiences major changes in the media landscape: Newspapers are shut down and the digitisation of the media massively changes our daily use of media. The objective of the Working Group Future of the Media is to identify how these changes influence professional communications and find ways and strategies to tackle these new challenges.

The European transport sector as a whole is on the verge of an unprecedented process of transformation. The industry will have to face the mega trends of aging, migration and internal mobility, as well as numerous environmental challenges, such as the availability of energy resources, urbanisation and globalisation.

The EACD Working Group Energy, with its multi-sector and pan-European representation, is well placed to debate ideas about a shared communication agenda for Europe's Energy Future.

Since mid 2008, the Regional Group Portugal has offered EACD members a wide range of topically-focused events and meetings. The group facilitates EACD members in networking, professionalisation and information sharing. These events revolve around topics and issues that are important for communication professionals in the region.

The Regional Group Serbia became an active EACD group in 2008. The group aims to dedicate meetings, discussions and debates to topics that are significant and pertinent to the region.

The Regional Group United Kingdom began hosting events in 2008 and is one of the largest EACD regional groups. The group discusses and debates a wide variety of communication topics, focusing not only on the issues that concern Romania, but also take into account the broader European and global communication situation.

Evaluation is an important part of a communicator’s job which is not just about spreading messages, but also about measuring how effective those messages are. The Working Group Evaluation aims to increase awareness of evaluation methods, to share insights and best practice, and to maintain a strong network of communicators interested in the field of evaluation.

Information Brochure

The EACD Information Brochure will give you a first impression of the services and events the European Association of Communication Directors has to offer.


"2013 is my first EACD Summit as a member of the association. Joining such a high quality group of communications professionals is a valuable experience and it is motivating to know that I can continue to exchange topics and ideas with my peer group."
Camille Bourdon Ballard
Corporate Internal Communications Manager
Essilor Group
"When I realised the EACD was based in Belgium, everything began to fall into place. EACD membership is a must because of the networking opportunities."
Ignacio de la Serna
Marketing Manager
"I’m really delighted to join the EACD as it’s a unique way to exchange ideas, thoughts and initiatives with peers on current topics and upcoming communications trends."
Frederic Boullard
Regional PR Manager
"With a dual focus on providing opportunities to meet and share experiences with other communicators and delivering valuable information from some of Europe‘s leading communications representatives, joining the EACD is a natural extension of my career"
Abby Bailey
Marketing and Communications Director
"I've been an EACD member for a couple of years now, and I have always found this membership unique in benefits."
Dani Meyer
Senior Manager Internal Communications & Public Affairs


The European Communication Summit annually gathers the leading Communication Directors and Spokespersons for a two-day-conference in Brussels.