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Regional Groups & Working Groups

The Regional Group France has hosted a number of events and meetings since 2008. It aims to bring together members to discuss and debate significant topics that today’s communication professionals  are facing.

The Regional Group Netherlands began hosting events in 2008 and is one of the largest EACD regional groups. The group has very active in organising events and activities that facilitate networking, professionalisation and information sharing.

The EACD Regional Group Lithuania facilitates active, cooperative and friendly networking opportunities and hosts events that cover a wide variety of communication topics, focussing on issues facing Lithuania, the Baltics, broader Europe as well as global communications.

Since mid 2008, the Regional Group Bulgaria has organised numerous events, all with the aim to foster an inviting and dynamic environment that allows members to interact and knowledge share.

The Working Group Social Media gathers members from various backgrounds reflecting the ever-increasing importance of Social Media. Debates and workshops of this Working Group reflect current trends and developments in Social Media. The group also aims to provide its participants with methods on how to manage their social media communication.

The Regional Group Italy began coordinating events in 2008. The group has been proactive in collaborating discussions and debates that refer to the significant issues in the region.

The Regional Group of Greece, since 2008, has organized a wide range of debates, events and meetings for the EACD Members and other top communication professionals in Athens and Thessaloniki. The Group focuses on communication issues at the national, European and international levels.

The Working Group Finance and Insurance has been active since the early days of the EACD and has regularly hosted events at the Summit and Forum. The group holds debates that reflect issues that are highly relevant to inhouse-communicators in the post-crisis financial sector, such as customer satisfaction, increasing confidence and trust and customer-oriented methods of communication.

The Regional Group Luxembourg has been active in organising events and activities since 2008. The group discusses and debates a wide variety of communication topics, focusing mainly on the issues that concern Luxembourg as well as the broader European and global communication situation.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part of public relations. In an increasingly interdependent world companies are more and more conscious of how important it is to act responsibly and to actively participate in societal and environmental issues.

Information Brochure

The EACD Information Brochure will give you a first impression of the services and events the European Association of Communication Directors has to offer.


"The opportunity to connect with other communications professionals for exchanging ideas and generating new approaches, along with being on the pulse of the communications industry trends through the EACD, sealed my decision to join."
Miina Keto
Communications Manager
Pöyry PLC
"2014 was my first EACD Summit as a new member of the association."
Stefan Junqué
Communications Lead
MSD Belgium
"2013 is my first EACD Summit as a member of the association. Joining such a high quality group of communications professionals is a valuable experience and it is motivating to know that I can continue to exchange topics and ideas with my peer group."
Camille Bourdon Ballard
Corporate Internal Communications Manager
Essilor Group
"When I realised the EACD was based in Belgium, everything began to fall into place. EACD membership is a must because of the networking opportunities."
Ignacio de la Serna
Marketing Manager
"I’m really delighted to join the EACD as it’s a unique way to exchange ideas, thoughts and initiatives with peers on current topics and upcoming communications trends."
Frederic Boullard
Regional PR Manager


The European Communication Summit annually gathers the leading Communication Directors and Spokespersons for a two-day-conference in Brussels.