Employee Engagement

The Working Group Employee Engagement focuses on internal dialogue.

2015 EACD Working Group Meeting: Internal Communications

Wednesday 24 June 2015
The Square

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The EACD Working Group Internal Communications will meet on occasion of the EACD Kick-Off Day on June 24th 2015, the day before the European Communication Summit.

The meeting will take place at the Square from 15.00 to 17.30.

Explore today's latest trends and most relevant issues in this Internal Communications Working Group meeting led by coordinator Stacey Minton.

Sweat the small stuff: How really engaging employers get the simple things consistently right. We agonise over what more we can do to engage our people, but sometimes we just need to stand back and as one simple question: Are we an engaging employer?

This workshop will explore what it takes to be a genuinely engaging employer. The answers will surprise you. The secret is not more talk of purpose, strategy or values but getting the simple things, that really matter to people, right every time. Come and find out how.

We are happy to announce our speaker Jan Kewley, Lead Consultant at Radley Yeldar Ltd (more information to follow shortly)