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Working Group Meeting "Internal Communications"

Wednesday 09 July 2014
EACD Working Group "Internal Communications"
The Square Meeting Centre

The EACD Working Group "Internal Communications" will meet on occasion of the EACD Kick-Off on July 9th 2014, the day before the European Communication Summit 2014. The topic of the event will be "How to mobilise employees in complex global organisation". The meeting will take place from 15.00 to 17.30.
The EACD Working Group invites members and peers for  a discussion around ways of employee involvement, the use of social media in this process, the importance of business literacy and the need of creating a group of "mobilisers".
We look forward to welcoming our speaker Caroline van Rennes, Interim Communications Director, Adviser on employee communications and involvement.
 About the speaker:
Caroline van Rennes is an interim communications director and adviser on employee communications and involvement. Since 2006 she has worked on various communications assignments for companies such as Amgen, Coca Cola, Wrigley, Medela, ExxonMobil Chemical and most recently for Aliaxis Group. Prior to working as an independent consultant, she held corporate communications functions for Citigroup, Levi Strauss and FedEx. In these roles, she was responsible for large communications and change programmes with a heavy focus on employee relations.