One of the key goals of the EACD is to foster professionalism, common standards and qualifications within the communications field. In order to achieve this, the EACD takes part in a number of initiatives.
The European Communication Monitor is an international research initiative conducted by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) in partnership with the EACD and Communication Director magazine. This study monitors trends in strategic communications by analysing the changing framework of the profession.
The European Communication Professional Skills and Innovation Programme (ECOPSI) is an EU-funded project which identifies and evaluates the current and future communication management skills of practitioners across Europe. It aims to enhance communicators’ professionalism and ability to operate in both European and global contexts. A key objective of this project is to build a European theory of communication management and to establish a framework to support the professionalisation and ethical development of communication practitioners.
The EACD has also launched an in-depth research project that examines the membership of communication professionals in executive committees. The C-Suite project, which was conducted by the Amsterdam School of Communication and Research (AsCoR), in cooperation with the EACD and Russell Reynolds Associates, analyses the prevalence of Chief Communication Officers (CCOs) of the largest global companies in executive committees as well as their role and the type of organisation they belong to.
Another key initiative, the Young Communicators Award, is targeted towards supporting young PR and communications professionals all over Europe. This award recognises outstanding communications projects that demonstrate innovative ideas and actively contribute to shaping the future of the communications profession.