Working Groups

Members of the EACD regularly convene in workshops and meetings that focus on specific topics. Their goals are to establish cross-institutional networks within specific fields and to develop and enhance topic-related standards. The EACD currently has 10 Working Groups and are led by a group heads who act as coordinator for all members.


Our Associations working group aims to connect communicators working in or with associations helping them to best convey the objectives and needs of their branch.

Brand Leadership

In today's world, brand management is facing an increasing number of new challenges.


The latest addition to the EACD's Working Groups focuses on content creation.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship has become an integral part of public relations.

Digital Communications

The Working Group Digital Communications gathers members from various backgrounds to tackle the challenges and opportunities of social media and digitalisation.

Employee Engagement

The Working Group Employee Engagement focuses on internal dialogue.

European Institutions

EU institutions provide a framework of rules and regulations that apply to a vast area with numerous different cultures and languages.

Future of Media

Our decade experiences major changes in the media landscape: Newspapers are shut down and the digitisation of the media massively changes our daily use of media.

Regulatory and Risk Communications

Communications in the field of regulatory, risk and crisis are a crucial part of every company’s communication and are decisive in determining the company’s reputation.

Stakeholder Insight & Analysis

A communicator’s job is not just about spreading messages, but also about analysing how effective those messages are.