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The Circle October 03-05

Friday 05 October 2018
The Circle

Companies, social groups and markets are increasingly facing the need to reinvent themselves: organizations must be aware of the drivers of reinvention that are affecting their business and its environment. To discuss these drivers and their impact on business, society and the individual, The Circle brings together heads of communications with leaders in the field of human resources to hear from some of the sharpest minds in Europe and to talk about everything but communications and HR practice.

For the 2018 edition, we will meet in the historic and beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Throughout history, Lisbon has been a departure point for the complex reinvention of the world, driven by the explorers who took off for America from here and those that followed them in the centuries since. Lisbon has also reinvented itself more than once: almost completely destroyed by the legendary earthquake of 1755, Lisbon completely rebuilt itself then and is still reinventing itself: as a tech hub which is attracting entrepreneurs from all across Europe and through its vibrant cultural and social scene.