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Coaching Day Paris

Wednesday 27 February 2013
Adobe Systems France

The EACD is hosting a Coaching Day in Paris, France on Wednesday 27th February, from 1:45pm to 5:30pm. This coaching day will delve into the topic of "Using data and data driven insights to form social media strategy", with a practical session to gain greater business and communication benefit by using data and data driven insights to form effective social media strategy.
Understanding the role of social date has never been more crucial for the corporate communicator. The Coaching Day Paris has been specifically designed by global media research experts, Kantar Media, and leading digital agency, Freestyle Interactive, to provide pragmatic insights that will help EACD members come to grips with the latest and most important developments in the world of data, digital marketing and social media. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how data and data driven insights can be used to shape and inform future social media strategy and implementation. The session will help companies keep abreast of the changes in research intelligence, the role of real time data, and how to use social media monitoring to support effective communication with stakeholders and key 'publics' in a social and digital context.
The Coaching Day will be lead 3 specialists and experts - Andy Wood, the Director of Freestyle Interactive; Susanne Dall, the Head of Evaluation and Social Media at Kantar Media Hamburg; and Simon Hughes, the Head of Evaluation at Kantar Media London. Andy is responsible for the development and implementation of digital strategy for Freestyle's clients and regularly runs digital strategy workshops. As a specialist of evaluation, Susanne has greatly contributed to global discussions on setting measurement standards in the social media evaluation industry. And last but not least, being a social media expert, Simon has worked on several projects that have received prestigious AMEC Awards.
The following areas will be covered:

Data & insights: what's new, why it matters, why businesses should take notice.

Strategies & planning.

Technology platforms.

People, processes & relationships.
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