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To communicate or not to communicate

Thursday 26 October 2017
Regional Event
Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, 1000 Brussels
12:00 - 14:00

*This event has reached full capacity and registration is now closed. *

The EACD invites you to an exciting event in Brussels entitled “To communicate or not to communicate", in partnership with the Association Leadership Academy. The session deals with the role of communications and media relations in EU association advocacy and driving industry growth.

To communicate or not to communicate

In the heightened political context of our advocacy work, communications successes or failures can make or break an association. Association communications have evolved dramatically over the past few years, adapting to new challenges such as reputation management using social media and supporting business development by removing obstacles to growth.  This session responds to interest from association leaders to avoid pitfalls and address the opportunities offered in this rapidly changing competence of complex organisations.  
The workshop has two complementary sections. The first part consists of original presentations made by recognised experts in association communications. The second part involves audience participation through a moderated discussion under the following headings:

  •  “Feeling the fear and doing it anyway”
  •  "Working in the Twitter world"
  •  "EU Associations 2.0"

Meet the speakers:

Craig Winneker, Director of Communications, ePURE

Craig Winneker has worked as a communications professional and journalist for more than 25 years in Brussels and Washington. Since December 2016 he has been Director of Communications for ePURE, the European renewable ethanol industry association. Before that he was News Editor at POLITICO, where he edited the daily Brussels Playbook and ran a team of eight reporters covering EU politics. He has worked as Director of Public Affairs at the European Crop Protection Association, and Director of Political Communications for the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. His journalism career included top editorial positions with the Wall Street Journal Europe and European Voice in Brussels. He was also managing editor of Roll Call in Washington.

Angela Pauly, Head of Communications for UNIFE

Angela Pauly is Head of Communications for UNIFE, the association which represents the interests of the European rail manufacturing industry. In her current role, Angela is responsible for overseeing UNIFE’s communications strategy, campaigns and media activities towards EU institutions and broadly the across the EU rail sector, and related stakeholders.  Prior to this, Angela worked as a communications consultant in Brussels as well as in Washington DC. For several years she held the position of Social Media Manager and Communications Officer for the Brussels operation of Oceana, a global not for profit organisation, which engages in campaigns that aim to protect and restore the world's oceans.

This session will be moderated by

Natalia Kurop, Senior Adviser at Ellwood Atfield, Partner at Dober Partners

Natalia has been active in communications and public affairs for 20 years. Over the last 10 years in Brussels Natalia has served as Director of Communications at DIGITALEUROPE, the leading European digital technology association. More recently Natalia has been responsible for media relations on behalf of the EU manufacturing alliance AEGIS Europe, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe) and The European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA). Natalia started her career as a broadcast journalist with the BBC, and has produced numerous radio documentaries and TV programmes. She is former treasurer and board member of the EACD and is currently a senior adviser with Ellwood Atfield and Partner with Dober Partners, a boutique communications consulting firm.

The event is free of charge compliments of the EACD and the Association Leadership Academy. Please register using the form below.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us (