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Communicating digital challenges and chances - a cross-generational approach

Friday, 2. June 2017 - 16:00
Frankfurt am Main

We are happy to share with you the date of our Regional Debate in Germany which will focus on the topic of "Communicating digital challenges and chances - a cross-generational approach".

Technological innovation is rapidly changing working environments and our day-to-day life - also demanding ethical discussions. Digital transformation goes hand in hand with a requirement of people to adapt to these changes and is going to be even more so when automation and AI become mainstream. Therefore, it is crutial to authentically deliver digital challenges and chances and most importantly in a language your audience understands. Thinking creatively about people practices and understanding your various audiences (internally and externally) will build tomorrow's workforce and brand reputation. But how can we humanise our communication and PR?

Millennials are the next leadership generation - on their way to leading positions. How will they change the structure of communication departments? What can we learn from each other? Will millennials only be why-asking or managing topics like the dialogue on digitalization? And how can CCOs moderate digital challenges and chances as well as socio-critical issues? These are some of the questions German student PR initiatives will discuss with Senior Communication Managers at our regional debate on June 2nd.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Welcome by EACD Ambassadors Martin Camphausen
  • Panel discussion moderated by EACD Ambassadors Anke Maibach
    (watch this space for further announcements)
  • Open discussion with EACD members and Student PR Initiatives

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