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EACD Anniversary Event in Milan: Storytelling is dead, long live the storyteller! From branded content to brand-owned media

Thursday 21 April 2016
EACD and Campari
CAMPARI company

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The EACD is happy to announce the upcoming EACD Anniversary Event in Milan on April 21st from 5.00pm to 7.00 pm.

This event will focus on the following topic: Storytelling is dead, long live the storyteller! From branded content to brand-owned media

The abuse of the word “storytelling” is common among marketers and communicators looking tocreate strong emotional bonds between brands and their audience. At the same time the media scene and journalism are quickly evolving: branded content strives to get attention and to be effective, causing brands to become editors and the media to embrace new ways of producing contents. If a narrative-based communication strategy is still valuable, what are today’s challenges for communicators?

We are happy to announce our expert speakers:

Giuseppe Morici President Region Europe of the Barilla Group

Giuseppe Morici is currently President Region Europe of the Barilla Group. He started his career at Procter & Gamble before moving to Monitor Group, Michael Porter’s consulting firm, and then to Bolton Group. Lastly, he joined Barilla first as General Manager of the bakery division and then as Global Chief Marketing Officer. Giuseppe recently published a book, Fare Marketing Rimanendo Brave Persone (Feltrinelli 2014).

Maria Sebregondi Director of Brand Equity & Communication at Moleskine SpA

Creator of the Moleskine notebook line for Modo&Modo SpA in the 1990s, Maria has been Director of Brand Equity and Communication at Moleskine SpA since 2007. In particular, she oversees brand development projects that merge in both offline and online spaces. Previously she worked independently as a consultant on strategic communications and product concept.Author of several socio-anthropological essays on contemporary change, she has written for Electa's Industry and Design series and contributed numerous articles for newspapers and magazines on new linguistics. She has worked on writing in different fields: creative writing (Etimologiario, 1988 - 2002; Smentimenti, 2000), copywriting and communication, as well as essays and literary translations (Queneau, Perec, Nabokov, Coleridge). Her professional experiences led to several teaching positions at various public and private universities from 1998 to 2007.

Tim Small Director of Alkemy Content and Chief Editor of “The Towner”

Director of Alkemy Content, Timothy Small was Editor-in-Chief and subsequently Head of Content at VICE Italy from 2005 to 2012. He then founded the online sports journalism magazine L’Ultimo Uomo in 2013. In 2014 he joined Alkemy digital_enabler where he then founded Prismo, a magazine of contemporary culture, which he currently edits. As a filmmaker he launched VICE Italy’s video department where he produced more than 20 documentaries and has since directed for Missoni and I Cani. In 2016 he launched The Towner Italia and The Towner, online magazines developed in collaboration with Moleskine which deal with cities and culture. His writing has appeared in The Paris Review, VICE, The Observer, Rolling Stone, IL, Studio, Kaleidoscope, NERO and GQ Italy.

Neil Siddons Senior Communications Manager at GE Aviation

Neil is a Senior Communications Leader with GE Aviation. He leads Marketing Communications, covering advertising, branding, digital and social media, visual services and mobile communications. After leaving university Neil worked in fashion retail, running sales and training for brands such as United Colors of Benetton, Sisley and Laura Ashley. He joined Smiths Industries in 1999 as a Sales and Marketing Manager. Following GE’s acquisition of Smiths in 2007, Neil become a Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Aviation’s Sales & Marketing team. He joined GE’s Global Communications team in 2010.


5.15pm Welcome - Guided visit at the Campari exhibition area (free access for registered participants)

6.00pm Event opening - Marco Magli Head of Media and External Relations at Avio Aero (General Electric) and EACD Ambassador / Regional Lead for Italy 6.05pm Welcome of the hosting company - Enrico Bocedi Senior Corporate Communication Manager at Campari

6.10pm Keynote speech - Giuseppe Morici: Speak to the world, not to the market The age of advertising is not finished. But advertising alone is no longer enough. Brands have always spoken to the markets, to their target consumers, creating carefully controlled stories. Then the web arrived, and then YouTube, and then social media... Then the walls collapsed and the authorities with them. The meaning itself of authority has changed, and people have started to double-check their stories. The age of authenticity has begun: only some brands have understood this. In this new environment, in order to be followed we have to be authentic and our stories have to be true: true to our identity and consistent with our behaviours. Identity, behaviors, communication: by aligning those three elements, brands will continue to do their job - telling (true) stories and improving the world.

6.30pm Keynote speech - Maria Sebregondi and Tim Small: What is The Towner? The Towner ( is a new online magazine about cities and culture, published both in English and Italian. Experimental while being of the moment, the magazine is dedicated to the creative industry, the knowledge industry, and to urban explorers of nomadic creativity. But The Towner is also more than this: it is a new experiment within the landscape of digital branded publishing, in which Moleskine, a brand that perfectly bridges the divide between tradition and innovation, between printed and digital culture, locates itself at the frontline of the production of content through its partnership with Alkemy, whose content department is dedicated to finding innovative solutions in a highly competitive field.

6.50pm Power speech - Neil Siddons: But where are the features and benefits? There’s no such thing as B2B marketing - at least that’s what Neil Siddons, Marketing Communications leader at GE Aviation, has been telling his leaders for the past five years. In a business and industry still living in a world of brochures, data sheets and trade shows, Neil looks at how GE now tackles storytelling – from purpose to people – and looks at what we can all do to drag B2B marketing into the 21st century.

7.00pm Q&A roundtable with all speakers moderated by Marco Magli

7.30pm Networking session including snacks and drinks provided by Campari.

The event will be held at CAMPARI, Via Franco Sacchetti, 20, Sesto San Giovanni – Milano. The meeting is free of charge compliments of EACD and Campari. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to celebrating with you in April.