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EACD Coaching Day in France: How to drive disruptive change through your business; a focus on audience insight

Friday 06 November 2015
EACD, Freestyle Interactive and Orange FT Group
Orange Rive droite

*UPDATE: This event is fully booked.*

We are happy to invite you to our next Coaching Day in France which will take place on November 6 2015 from 9.30 to 13.00 in cooperation with Freestyle Interactive at ORANGE FT Group in Paris.

The topic of this workshop will be "How to drive disruptive change through your business; a focus on audience insight".

Of the Fortune 500 companies at the start of this century, more than half of those companies no longer exist on that list today! With digital disruptors revolutionising the way entire industries work, understanding the nature of positive disruption and how to make the right investment in digital to harness these principles for your business is crucial to your continued success.

Led by the Freestyle strategy team, this session will cover the key principles of successful digital disruption, highlighting the lessons and takeaways for your business from a number of successful examples, before workshopping a series of accessible techniques you can use to understand disruption as it relates to your sector and to start developing strategies to radically improve your digital effectiveness.

Session 1: The key characteristics of digital disruption We’ll review some of the best and worst case studies and show you what all successful disruptors have in common!

Session 2: What can we learn from successful disruptors? We’ll demonstrate how the principles of successful digital disruption can be harnessed and applied to you and your business, and show tools and techniques to help you bring about positive change

Session 3: Understanding audience pain and recognising ‘moments of truth’ Your opportunity to use these techniques to explore what positive disruption would look like for your audiences, and how to go about developing an action plan.

Session 4: What does positive disruption look like for your business?

An opportunity to share your findings and learn from other attendees. We will also offer conclusions, recommendations and advice for implementing positive disruptive change in your organisation. We’ll set preparation tasks for attendees, and at the end of the workshop you will come away with some actionable insights that will have a positive impact on the way you do business online.

Our trainers:

Andy Wood, Strategy Director
Andy’s been Freestyle’s Strategy Director since 2004, responsible for the development of digital strategy for our clients and managing our Content Search and Social team. Andy regularly runs workshops for international organisations bringing together digital planning, search and content marketing, social media, CRM and technology to solve digital challenges.

Oliver Forrester, Head of Content
Olly has been with Freestyle for 3 years coming from a journalist background. He masterminds all Freestyle clients’ content strategies and is part of the strategy team. Olly has worked agency side as a content specialist for over six years 
and has worked on internal communication projects for Siemens, Toshiba, Premier Foods and Gerber juice. His award-winning work in internal communication saw him named in the Institute of Internal Communications’ 2012 ‘30 under 30’ list. 

Adam Dew, Head of User Experience
Adam develops compelling audience insight, customer experience maps and clear digital strategies for Freestyle clients  across multiple sectors. A genuine ‘Millennial’, Adam has 8 years experience of running stakeholder workshops, depth interviews, ethnographic studies, user testing, interactive prototyping and producing UX documentation. His audience mapping work for Freestyle has gained recognition and industry awards.

Alan Cooper, Founder and Director
Alan founded Freestyle 19 years ago from a background in advertising planning and his own TV production company. Managing strategic direction for the business, Alan has built most of Freestyle's long standing relationships with major clients based on delivering digital results and satisfying client objectives. Responsible for running Freestyle's second office in Paris, Alan is also extending the company's service offering into mainland Europe, passionate about delivering digital solutions in a human fashion without jargon or technical obstacles.

Freestyle is an international Digital Agency based in the UK and France, with a team of 50 and 20 years digital experience under our belt. We’re in the top 20 B2B Marketing Global agencies with a broad spread of International clients across multiple sectors. We work with Marketing and Communication teams for international organisations to improve their business through advanced digital techniques. We develop digital strategies, create campaigns, build websites and drive world class Content, Search and Social thinking through their organisations.

The event will take place at Orange Rive droite, 10 rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris. Attendance will be free of charge, compliments of the EACD, Freestyle Interactive and Orange FT Group.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at