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EACD Coaching Day Italy

Wednesday 15 April 2015
EACD and Generali Group
CityLife Milan (Generali Group)

*Registration for this event is now closed*
The EACD offers coaching days, whereby qualified speakers offer an intensive training session, in the form of workshops, for communicators interested in learning in depth about a particular aspect of communications. We are happy to invite you to our next Coaching Day in Italy which will take place on April 15 2015 from 9.30 to 13.00 in Milan. The topic for this session will be: "Be human or be dead: The Human Factor in Digital Corporate Communication".
For years, we have been living with corporate communication formats which, to be generous, can be defined as formal, general, impersonal and, frankly, inhuman.
When facing topics such as corporate governance, technology or even human resources management, institutional communication, to be authentic and trustworthy, has been relying on standardized models and official language, while human contacts and connections to real life was a task assigned to marketing and product communication.
The digital revolution has completely changed models, language, tones and formats as well as making boundaries between external communication, internal communication and product communication more and more blurring.
In this new scenario, the human factor becomes central: employees, clients, investors and partners expect to be addressed as individuals, with their personal believes, concerns and passions.
 Alberto Zambolin and Andrea Pozzi of Message Group will practically indicate how corporate communication can be re-thought by putting individual at the heart of its strategies and how digital channels and tools can be corporate communicators best allies.
Alberto Zambolin, Co-founder of MESSAGE and CEO
Alberto Zambolin was General Manager of the Online and Finance Business Unit of Il Sole 24 Ore for five years. Until the end of 2003, he was responsible for the information providing business for financial institutions and for the operation. His professional career started in 1989 in the financial analysis sector in London where he lived for three years. This was followed by a rapid period of growth in the Dow Jones group where he became Managing Director of Dow Jones Markets Italy.
Andrea Pozzi, Vice President of MESSAGE
Andrea Pozzi started working in economic-financial information in 1997 where he dealt with the design and development of "real-time delivery" applications. He worked until 2005 for Radiocor Digital Solutions, the digital branch of the well-known news-providing agency of Il Sole 24 Ore, where he supervised the technological architecture of products such as international market workstations and web-based information-providing platforms. This experience led him to take on, from 2005 to 2007, a managerial position in Centimetri, leader in Italy in info-graphics communication services used by major national newspapers. In 2007 he joined Message where his solid background in marketing and technology allowed the company both to develop complex projects  and to enter new lines of busines.
MESSAGE is an Italian company which works on digital Corporate Communication. MESSAGE helps its customers, mostly industrial and banking groups with international operations, to effectively address their stakeholders and communicate their brand through the digital environment. MESSAGE’s headquarters are in Milan while a subsidiary was open in Warsaw three years ago.
The agenda will be as follows:
09.30-10.00        Welcome and registration
09.45-10.00        EACD introduction
10.00-11.00        Scenario – The Human Factor as key-driver in corporate communication
11.00-11.15        Coffee break
11.15-12.45        Group activity - Bringing the Human Factor into your digital communication plan
12.45                   Networking buffet
The workshop will take place at Via Senofonte 4, Milan (CityLife Milan residential block designed by Zaha Hadid, a project of the Generali Group).
Our Coaching Days are limited to a modest number of participants to ensure a serious working atmosphere. Participants can expect to gain practical advice that can be implemented directly, involvement in the session and a concentrated group interaction that goes beyond a simple Q&A session.