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EACD Coaching Day in Lisbon, Portugal

Thursday 04 July 2013

The EACD offers coaching days, whereby qualified speakers offer an intensive two- or three-hour training session, in the form of workshops, for EACD members interested in learning in depth about a particular aspect of communications.

The upcoming Coaching Day, held in Lisbon, will focus on How to turn Media Training into results and get the applause of your CEO.

In this time of intense scrutiny, the greatest concern of your CEO may be: “How can we increase public and investor confidence in the company and myself?” Through communication! That is why every CEO needs media training. The problem is that most of them are too proud to do it, and forget that communication is the most powerful leadership tool. We know that, you know that, so... How do you convince your CEO to make the commitment to media training?

We will give you a hand with a few simple tactics that often drive the point home. With verbal and non-verbal communication training the result will be seen. And of course, tell him about the “reward”.

We are delighted to welcome our speakers:

- Sara Batalha, Communication Trainer & Executive Director, MTW Portugal

- Irina Golovanova, Body Language Trainer, MTW Portugal

- Amélia Pereira Coutinho, Managing Director, TECNIFAR

Coaching Days are limited to a modest number of participants to ensure a serious working atmosphere. Participants can expect to gain practical advice that can be implemented directly, involvement in the session and a concentrated group interaction that goes beyond a simple Q&A session.