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EACD Coaching Day Sofia, Bulgaria

Tuesday 28 May 2013
SOHO - Sofia Holistic Co-Working Company

The EACD offers coaching days, whereby qualified speakers offer an intensive two- or three-hour training session, in the form workshops, for communicators interested in learning in depth about a particular aspect of communications. The upcoming Coaching Day, held in Sofia, will focus on Crisis communication and tools for reputation management.
Any theory of crisis management states that you should plan everything in advance to be prepared. Experience shows that the crisis comes suddenly. In time, place and occasion that at least we predicted. However the unpredictable is not always unexpected. This Coaching Day in Sofia has been designed in order to show communicators the steps to manage risk most efficiently.
Two experienced coaches will lead you through the day:
- Adriana Popova, Marketing & Sales Director, All Data Processing
- Denitsa Sacheva, Founder and Executive Director, Intelday Solutions
Coaching Days are limited to a modest number of participants to ensure a serious working atmosphere. Participants can expect to gain practical advice that can be implemented directly, involvement in the session and a concentrated group interaction that goes beyond a simple Q&A session.