Established in 2008, Hungary has become one of the most active Regional Groups within our network.

EACD Regional Debate in Hungary

Wednesday 15 April 2015
C³ Atelier powered by Holcim

The EACD invites you to our next regional debate in Hungary which will take place on April 15 2015 from 10.00 to 12.00 at C³ Atelier powered by Holcim in Budapest. The topic of the event will be "How to introduce a unique world with technology?" and we are happy to welcome our speaker Andrea Puha, a young communication expert and author of the szajkoder blog ( Andrea is deaf and designed an interactive exhibition in Budapest to help people understand what life is like for deaf people.
As an introduction to the event, please read the following blog post by Andrea Puha:
The world is full of things we cannot see or feel but they exist. When we see a disabled man, we know right away that he can’t walk because he is sitting in a wheelchair. Blind people have a white cane. We can feel their difficulties by comparing our lives to theirs. Most of us can feel empathy with them. But there are disabilities that we can’t easily recognize.
I am deaf. When I tell that to people first they are shocked and then they say that I speak quite well and things must not be so hard for me. And this is true. I grew up among people who can hear, I’m going to receive my 3rd degree, I’m in a relationship and I can say that I didn’t miss anything important in my life. I can speak well but that doesn’t mean that I understand everything. With lip reading you can only percept 30% of the information. The rest is just contextual guessing. I was trying to find a good explanation for this for years without luck, so I started to write a blog and later I created an exhibition about it.
This exhibition was my thesis for my master’s degree in Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I was studying how people’s attitude towards this subject can change after visiting my exhibition. I created an environment where the visitor was forced to lipread using video installations and technological solutions. The results were amazing.
My mother, who thaught me how to speak, said that she finally understands what my world is like. The visitors were enjoying the experience and they had a lot of questions. Since they were forced to feel like deaf, we had a common topic to talk about. It’s impossible just to explain what it means to be lipreading all the time. Usually people are just nodding, but they cannot feel it.
During the exhibition I was watching the visitors while they were lipreading each other and they kept saying “sorry?”, “what?”, “say again!”, and then I realised how much patience is needed to talk to people with imparied hearing. I promised to myself to be more patient.
When I was a child it was not possible to use technology to create an interactive exhibition like this. It amazes me how much we, as humans, have advanced since then and it’s wonderful that now we can get closer and understand each other better.
 The event will take place at C³ Atelier powered by Holcim, 1138 Budapest, Madarász Viktor str. 47-49. Participation will be free of charge, compliments of the EACD and Holcim. Please note, that the event will be held in Hungarian. If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our debate!