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EACD Regional Debate in Norway

Wednesday 07 January 2015
Mercuri Urval

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Norway on Wednesday, January 7th from 8:00-9:30 at Mercuri Urval in Oslo.
This event will focus on the future of our profession in Norway and how communicators can survive and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the field.
We’re delighted to welcome our speakers:

Christian Fieseler, Associate Professor, Media and Communications Management, BI Norwegian Business School

Dennis Larsen, Management Consultant

Bjorn O. Hopland, Founder, SmartEndring (ChangeSmart)

Svein Olsen, Managing Director, Mercuri Urval Norway
About our speakers:
 Christian Fieseler is Associate Professor for media and communications management at BI Norwegian Business School (since 2014). He received his PhD in Management and Economics from the University of St. Gallen,Switzerland, and worked there as a postdoctoral researcher, as well as at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. In his research, Christian is interested in social media, media management and innovation, organizational culture and digital communication. Currently, he is working on the question of how individuals and organizations adapt to the shift brought by new, social media, and how to design participative and inclusive spaces in this new media regime.
 Dennis Larsen has worked as an analyst and consultant in the field of reputation and corporate communication for over 15 years. His background as an economist has helped fuel his passion for accountability in the reputation field. From the beginning of his career he helped develop pioneering reputation measurement instruments and conducted applied and academic research amongst top reputable firms. Over the past 10 years at ReputationInche has continuously innovated and fine-tuned the thinking and methodologies in reputation insights and consulting. He works with clients that share the company philosophy : that every organisation’s reputation is unique and requires a tailored approach to measuring and managing. In the reputation insights space, Dennis is involved in bespoke thought leadership research, media reputation tracking, employee engagement studies, brand metrics, KPI architecture design, communication audits among others. He abides by the mantra that all research has to be actionable and contribute strategically to organisational success. A fervent supporter of knowledge dissemination, Dennis is also instrumental in the roll-out of ReputationInc’s leadership capability development work within client organisations. Dennis works internationally and manages ReputationInc’s global consultant network.
 Bjørn O. Hopland established the company SmartEndring (ChangeSmart in English) in 2013 to enable people to do smart changes at work by letting structure and technology work for you, and free up your brain to innovate and create results. His background is from technology, sales, consulting management and HR management in international roles for HP, Oracle and Microsoft over the last 30 years. Based on his experiences in "the New world of Work" he advises and trains leaders and teams  to survive and thrive in this super flexible "always on" environment.
 Svein Olsen, Managing Director, Mercuri Urval Norway, has a graduate and post graduate degree from the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, as well as a degree within Supply Chain Management from the Norwegian School of Management. Olsen has experience from supply chain management positions within the Royal Norwegian Air Force, as well as broad management experience within the oil & gas and energy sector – with companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Schlumberger and Statkraft. Svein Olsen also has solid experience as consultant and recruitment advisor for both Norwegian and international clients, within private and public sector.
08:00 Coffee and light breakfast
08:10 Welcome by Kristian Hvilen
08:15 Christian Fiesler & Dennis Larsen - "Trending Topics in Communications for 2015 and beyond from a Norwegian perspective"
08:45 Bjørn O. Hopland - "How to survive and thrive in Communications when information volume and speed increase day-by-day"
09:00 Svein Olsen - "What we are looking for in tomorrow’s Communication Directors"
09:25: Wrap-up & Close by EACD Regional Coordinator
This event will take place at:
Mercury Urval
Frøyas gate 15
0273 Oslo
Telefon: +47 815 36 600
About Mercuri Urval:
Our business is to assist our clients to gain the right competences and abilities in order to successfully implement their strategies. We focus on defining the link between our clients’ future needs and the necessary human resources, ensuring strategically sound recruitment of new employees combined with an increased efficient use of current employees’ abilities, competences and potential.
After 45 years, the measure of our success is still the same – how well we contribute to your success. With Swedish origin in 1967, Mercuri Urval has grown organically into a major international consulting firm employing 800 people across 24 countries. Mercuri Urval Norway was established in 1977, and our 56 consultants, researchers and business analysts serve businesses in public and private sector throughout the country. We have got offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund and Lillehammer.
As a company, we have a strong focus on social responsibility and we are partner of SOS Children's Villages. As the first business partner, together with NORAD, we support the construction of a school in Lusaka / Zambia. The purpose of this engagement is to ensure equal rights to education for boys and girls.
Attendance to this event will be free of charge. We look forward to welcoming you in Oslo.