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EACD Regional Debate in Sweden

Monday 17 November 2014
EACD & Awapatent

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Malmö on November 17th which will be co-hosted by Birgitta von Friesendorff, Communications Manager at Awapatent.
According to the European Communication Monitor 2014 more than 88 percent of communication professionals in Europe rate effective communication as “very important for great leadership”. The same survey, which is the largest of its kind, shows that trustworthiness is regarded as the single most important organisational attribute for demonstrating leadership. The survey also shows that the most important characteristics of effective leaders are “communicating in an open and transparent way”, followed by “providing a clear overall long-term vision”. Communicative leadership is indeed a critical ingredient for long-term success. Or as one of the greatest communicators of all time, Sir Winston Churchill put it: The difference between mere management and true leadership is communication”.

How can we help leaders at all levels to become better communicators?

How can HR and Communications interact effectively and how do we build communicative organizations?         

How can we promote communication as a powerful tool to reach objectives and literally move mountains?
These are some of the issues we will discuss at our Regional Debate on Communicative Leadership.
We are delighted to announce our speakers:
 Sofia Stadin
Sofia is an experienced communications strategist at the Swedish Customs Authority, where she is in charge of a recently launched program to strengthen leaders’ ability to communicate effectively. Implementing tools and structure, as well as developing a communicative corporate culture, play central roles in her systematic approach to this critical issue. Sofia will share her experience and guide us through the delicate process from theory to concrete results.    
 Charlotte Hagö
As head of both HR and Communications at the County Council of Scania, Charlotte knows about the importance and benefits of integrating these two areas. With experience from leading positions in large public and private organizations, combined with a background in journalism, Charlotte has gained thorough knowledge in her field.  She sees good leadership as a product of professionalism, both in terms of HR and communications. She will share her view on how these functions can interact in order to promote communicative leadership.  
Matrosgatan 1, Malmö, Sweden
Presentations, as well as discussions afterwards, will be held in Swedish and moderated by the EACD's regional coordinator Claus Grue.
As usual this event will be free of charge, compliments of Awapatent and the EACD.
Coffee, tea, refreshments and light snacks will be provided.