Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship has become an integral part of public relations.

How 500 European Top Managers Use Social Media

Friday 28 June 2013
The SQUARE Rue Mont des Arts 1000

The EACD Working Group CSR will meet at the ECS on the 28th of June. The meeting will take place
from 12.30 to 13.45 and the subject will be "How 500 European top managers use social media".
The EACD Working Group „CSR“ invites its members and peers to an exclusive presentation of a research conducted by Italian-based online consultancy Lundquist on the question how 500 top managers within 100 major European companies use social media. Joakim Lundquist, Founding Partner of Lundquist, will provide deep insights into the setup of the study, which aims to map the social media presence of these managers (on Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as blogging), analyze their behavious and understand how to best move forward. Some of the areas adressed are: What is the current status in Europe? What are the critical issues and most common mistakes? What are the reasons for top management to be more active on social media yet avoiding risks?