The Regional Group Poland has been active in organising events and activities since 2008.

Regional Debate in Poland at Grupa Zywiec

Thursday 06 February 2014

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Poland, which will take place on Thursday, February 6th from 9am to 12am at the offices of GRUPA ŻYWIEC S.A. in Warsaw.
The topic of this debate will be "Neuroscience: Inside the mind. New insight in communication technics."
We are delighted to welcome our speakers:
 Rafal Ohme (PhD) is one of the world’s pioneers in consumer neuroscience. He is a professor of psychology, expert in emotions, communication and brain research. In 1997 he founded NEUROHM, a scientific company to develop new research methods based on brain waves analysis, skin conductance and reaction times which licenses its methods to companies on all 5 continents. He is a member of major marketing, psychological and neuroscientific associations and a Board Member of Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, an organization to integrate neuroscientists and marketers from 45+ countries.
 Jacek Santorski is a business psychologist and advisor for the leaders of biggest Polish companies. Furthermore, Mr. Santorski is leading ‘VALUES’ - Group of Advisory Companies. As a co-creator of ‘Academy of Leadership Psychology’, he became the program president for this Academy, headed by the Values Group and Business School, Warsaw University of Technology. In his several books, publications and speeches, he promotes good life psychology and healthy business. He is a member of Economic Board for Prime Minister of Poland.
The schedule will be as follows:
9:00 - 9:20      Participants’ Registration/ Welcome coffee/ Networking
9:20 - 9:30      Welcoming Speech– Katarzyna Borucka,’ Grupa Żywiec S.A.’
9:30 - 9:40      Opening Speech – Ewa Rzeczkowska, Deloitte; Patryk Zamorski, Dentons
9:40 - 11:00    „Neuroscience: inside the mind. New insight in communication technics.” – presentation by prof. R. Ohme - one of the pioneers in ‘consumer neuroscience’ - and by Jacek Santorski – business psychologist
11:00 - 11:45   Discussion with experts – headed by Paweł Rabiej, THINKTANK – the analyses center
11:45 - 12:00   Networking
Attendance is free of charge, compliments of the EACD.