Stakeholder Insight & Analysis

A communicator’s job is not just about spreading messages, but also about analysing how effective th

Stakeholder Insight and Analysis Working Group Meeting: Making the Case for Business Intelligence in Stakeholder Engagement

Wednesday, 28. June 2017 - 15:30
Square Meeting Centre

Making the case for business intelligence in stakeholder engagement

Working Group Coordinator Louis de Schorlemer, Group Corporate Communication Manager at Sibelco, is pleased to invite you to the Working Group kick-off meeting for this year.

Research demonstrates that companies’ efforts to build strong relations with stakeholders can prevent crises and lessen their financial impact. Yet, most organizations still fail to properly tailor their messages to different audiences.

Mostly because they have not spent enough effort to actually understand their stakeholder’s needs. In this session, we will discuss how to identify issues, the way relevant audiences perceive them and what makes the difference in terms of communications.