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Working Group Evaluation: Best Case Presentations

Monday 10 December 2012

The Evaluation Working Group will discuss on the basis of best case presentation the latest developments in the field of evaluation, such as key performance indicators and other measurement tools. Presenter, Thierry Nicolet, will share his experience conducting the “Schneider Electric Best PR Agency Award”, a yearly campaign aimed at increasing PR Agencies efficiency.
This working group session will include Best Case Presentations by Thierry Nicolet, Senior Vice President Press Relations Worldwide and Global Marketing for Schneider Electric; and Philip Lynch, Director of Media Evaluation for Kantar Media Intelligence UK. Mr Nicolet will deliver a presentaion on the “Schneider Electric Best PR Agency Award”, a yearly campaign launched within the organisation and among the different PR Agencies Schneider Electric uses worldwide in order to force and establish a yearly evaluation. This presentation will highlight the background story behind this motivational activity, describe different evaluation parameters and show the actual Key Performance Indicators used to calculate the agencies’ performance.
Mr Lynch will discuss the “Metrics of Ethics: How communictaions professionals can measure the ethical environment and manage reputation”. In doing so, he will look at how companies can qualify ethical opportunities and risks using detail analysis of trends in media activity and reputation sentiment. This will include a demonstration of how analysis outcomes are integrated in real decision making by considering how to identify and measure the strength of ethical opportunities and threats; how analysis outcomes influence communications planning for ethical engagement; and how analysis refines compaigns in post-launch phase.