EACD Mentoring Programme

EACD mentoring offers talented communicators a mentoring relationship with senior EACD members.

EACD Mentoring Programme

The EACD mentoring programme offers talented junior and mid-career public relations and communication professionals a year-long mentoring relationship with selected senior EACD members.

During a twelve month-cycle, the programme aims to create trusted relationships between mentees and senior communication professionals and a rich exchange where both parties will benefit from each other’s experience and insight.

Mentoring cycle and procedure

  • The second 12-month cycle starts at the European Communication Summit which will take place on June 29th and 30th 2017 at the Square Meeting Center in Brussels.
  • Based on available mentor profiles, selected mentees can choose up to three potential mentors
  • During the ECS two mentor/mentee events will be held:
    • Mentees will have speed-networking sessions with their selected mentors and then rank their mentor preference. On the same day, mentees and mentors will be informed of their pairings.
    • On the second ECS day the process of the programme as well as the roles of mentee and mentor will be explained to all participants.
  • Mentors and mentees will meet at least once a month (call, video conference, face-to-face)

What does a mentor profile look like?

  • Be committed to spend at least one hour per month with your mentee over a 12-month period.
  • 12 years+ experience in communication industry / preferably as in-house communicator.
  • Leading a communications department or team / responsibility for staff in an international company, NGO, association or other institution.
  • Willing to engage openly and transparently, with personal insight and learning, and to build a trusted, confidential mentor-mentee relationship
  • Ideally, applicants have acted as a mentor before.

Why you should become a mentor:

  • Share your experiences and contribute to the future of the profession.
  • Further develop your own leadership and coaching skills.
  • Gain new perspectives, ideas and approaches.
  • Be recognized as a communication leader and expert.

What does a mentee profile look like?

  • Junior to mid-career in-house communication professionals with at least four years public relations experience.
  • Committed to spending at least one hour per month with mentor over a 12-month period, and open to constructive feedback and advice.
  • Mentees need to be actively thinking about their future and have a drive to improve their skills, expertise and performance.
  • Mentees have to be EACD members. Non-EACD members can apply, but should become a member upon selection.

Why you should become a mentee:

  • Opportunity to review and develop your skills and expertise.
  • A networking opportunity; you will build a trusted mentor-mentee relationship with a senior communicator.
  • Gain confidence in dealing with challenges.
  • Receive support with long-term career planning and direction.