European Communication Award

Each year the EACD presents the European Communication Award in a gala ceremony held at the European Communication Summit.

Shortlist 2016

We are happy to announce the shortlist for the European Communication Award 2016. The winners will be honoured at the European Communication Award gala on July 7th at Hôtel de la Poste in Brussels.

Communications Team of the Year "Company"

DSM - Science can change the world

DSM is a global science-based company. With their branding campaign DSM wanted to show their dedication to science with a positive impact on society. To do so the company portrayed the lives and struggles of real scientists (not connected to DSM), whose work could change the world for the better.

In order to truly pay tribute to science for society and to show that this goes hand in hand with struggles, sacrifice and tenacity, DSM specifically chose to make a film in which real scientists with a real and inspiring story were portrayed who were in no way connected to DSM. The film was the centerpiece of the "Science can Change the World' campaign platform where stories of Unsung Heroes of Science were shared in greater detail and people could share ideas and leave comments. The campaign has created huge engagement globally.

Frankfurter Rotkreuz-Kliniken e.V. -  Employer Branding campaign "Teamgeist erleben" (experience team spirit)

The multi-channel employer branding campaign "Teamgeist erleben" ("experience team spirit") of Frankfurter Rotkreuz-Kliniken (Red Cross Hospitals Frankfurt) was launched in March 2015 and caused a sensation for German clinic communication within one year winning a number of awards for its strategy as well as approachable and natural presence. As the brand essence was built on the values of all employees, the number and function simply means: all employees. The campaign bases on workshops and interviews, which were done a long time before the campaign started, and filtered out what is important in everyday work to the employees - and not in the eyes of the CEOs or the corporate communications department.

Vodafone: #BeStrong - Anti bullying campaign

Having asked 5,000 young people about cyberbullying, Vodafone found they lacked the tools to take a stand and show support for friends bullied online. The PR team responded by creating a suite of 'support' emojis which launched on Snapchat and across emoji keyboards used by millions.

The campaign was to be a collaborative process with 5,000 teenagers choosing the final emojis, along with Vodafone's anti-bullying panel which included global NGOs; anti-bullying charities; semioticians; Dacher Keltner, Director of Psychology at UC Berkeley and anti-bullying ambassador Monica Lewinsky. One of the world's biggest YouTubers, Tyler Oakley and Netherlands Minecrafter 'Reve' were approached to give support. Three global PR activations were planned around key world dates, including 'Safer Internet Day 2016. 153.5 million people were reached across social and online media. As a result 91.9% feel more positively about Vodafone.


Communications Team of the Year "Association/NGO"

Association Krokodil - International Literary Festival KROKODIL

KROKODIL festival is a literary festival that presents contemporary literature of the Western Balkans region in a unique and original way – without rigidities, whether generational, political, cultural, or sexual. With a modern and dynamic approach to the craft of literary presentation – readings by authors supported by audio-visual media, musical and stage performances and the wide spectre of different literary forms including poetry, fiction, essays and plays, KROKODIL festival, ever since its inception in 2009, grew to become one of the most popular and well visited literary events in the region of former Yugoslavia.

In 2015 the Krokodil team decided to address two major requests facing the European cultural scene with its festival: the prevalent questions of audience development and the cross-cultural connection across the European continent.  For the first time, the team of three, established a complete communications strategy for the “International Literary Festival KROKODIL”.  They exceeded their own and partner’s expectations: KROKODIL is now internationally recognised as an important factor in placing the European literature on the global scene and was therefore invited to attend the Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

Eurocities - Cities welcome refugees

With the aim to raise awareness of the often overlooked or undervalued role of local authorities in receiving and integrating refugees and asylum seekers, the project 'Cities welcome refugees' highlighted the front line role these authorities play. A second goal was to present a more positive side of the refugee 'crisis' by drawing attention to the vast range of activities and efforts going on in European cities, while also acknowledging the challenges.

With a view to gaining greater political and financial recognition for local authorities from the EU and national level the campaign presented a series of case studies, placed articles in the media, conducted interviews and launched a new report. Giving visibility to the hard work and commitment of local politicians Cities welcome refugees provided a useful advocacy tool: direct access for cities to European funding for refugee reception and integration as well as significant media interest (e.g. Guardian, Reuters, NY Times), both in Brussels and internationally.

Rode Kruis Vlaanderen - relaunch campaign

According to a survey from 2014, everyone (100% of people surveyed) is familiar with Belgium Red Cross Flanders. But most people don’t know what activities Red Cross stands for. They only know our blood collections and our first aid posts. Belgium Red Cross Flanders was being taken for granted, since it’s a service that ‘has always been there’. The truth is that we rely on the help of the people, to be able to help others.

Therefore ‘Red Cross: that’s you’ became the theme of the year of 2015. The launch of this new approach with the focus on how everybody profits from the presence of Belgium Red Cross Flanders, was combined with a complete rebranding (new house style, new site, new baseline, etc. both external and internal via change management (1500 workers - 14.000 volunteers). The new baseline became ‘Helps people help’.

Young Communicator of the Year

Jelena Vasilev, Erste Bank Serbia is new interactive platform for donation programme of Erste Bank Serbia. Developed and realized in cooperation with Fondation Dokukino, it attracts youngsters (16-35 years old) with socially responsible projects in fields of culture, arts and education. This tailor-made platform for young leaders gives active role to their communities in decision making processes. Providing interactive online hub, with pool of support opportunities such as funds, mentorship and contacts, it creates responsible role for Erste Bank Serbia as well – ensuring position of partner and support in important steps and not just financial services provider. With EUR 60.000 for grants, in 2015 we supported 22 projects created and realized by organizations and individuals.

Onur Cinar, BASF Turk

BASF provides a  great deal of support into education of youth via various projects. Kids’ Lab is one of the existing projects which is running globally. In Turkey it has reached to more than 10.000 children in the last 5 years. However there are still thousands of kids whom cannot physically visit our experiment stations. Kids’ Lab in Sanalika game platform is just for them to experience science virtually and get education about the role of chemistry in daily life (i.e. they developed batteries to convert cars). In only 4 months, we reached 605.000 children from all around Turkey whom completed game tasks for almost 1 million times. Participants have talked about BASF online and created social media contents. Our project enabled thousands of children to spend more time learning science through games. Children of today will shape the future, thus at BASF we create chemistry for a sustainable future with children.

Patricia Schiel, thyssenkrupp

Previously known as steel company - now diversified and international. In order to enable the world to see our company in a new light, we sent 4 film students with a fresh view on a very special journey. “Around the World” captures the experiences of humans and machinery in the world of thyssenkrupp – from Rio to Vietnam. 94 days and 55.000 kilometers later our team had produced 17 short films, bringing the corporate blog to life, supporting our brand relaunch and offering a new perspective on our company – internally and externally. Furthermore, our global communications colleagues draw on more than 1000 authentic photos and 200 hours of footage – all highly demanded for exhibitions, brochures, social media, presentations, employer branding campaigns, websites, the official company film and much more. “Around the world” is our content-first approach, stepping back from channel driven communication into a world of 360° content integration.