Markku Herrala

Director, Public and Media Relations, UPM
Director, Public and Media Relations

Markku Herrala works as Director, Public and Media Relations at UPM, the leading bio and forest industry company in Europe. In addition to his day-job, Markku works as a board professional and as a communications advisor to CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries in Brussels. As a senior communications professional, Markku has a board experience on all aspects of communications as well as corporate responsibility and public affairs topics.

He has 20 years of practical experience on various leadership positions in international communications and business area management. As a mentor, Markku can provide the mentee with insight to working with the C-suite and other senior business management as well as on how to translate strategic business topics into practical communication agenda. As a seasoned team manager, he can also support the mentee in developing his/her people leadership skills. Markku is based in Helsinki, Finland.