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Herbert Heitmann in Communication Director

Our president looks back on - and forward to - a career in communications
May 16, 2018

EACD’s revamped working group on Corporate Citizenship meets at AkzoNobel

Review of the meeting in Amsterdam
By Marcel Halma
May 7, 2018

Member insights from the EACD survey

How diverse members benefit from our network
By Rachel Proctor
May 7, 2018

GDPR and Communications

How to prepare for stricter data regulations come 25 May
By Rachel Proctor
May 3, 2018

Communications directors are becoming more critical to the success of a business

A CEO perspective on reputation leadership
By Julia Meighan
Apr 27, 2018

Expecting excellence

When CCOs help bridge the gap between what is important for executives and for employees
By Shweta Kulkarni
Apr 26, 2018

Fighting fake news with tamper-proof documents

How a blockchain-enabled app proves the veracity of press releases, presentations and more
By Viviane Huybrecht
Apr 11, 2018

Get involved

There are many ways for members to become more active in the EACD
Apr 9, 2018

Rebranding Case Study: Monbat

The six devil details that can turn your re-branding into a nightmare
By Vanya Babanin
Apr 9, 2018

The real impact of GDPR is about to hit

GDPR is not just a technical change: its meaning and implications need to be communicated
By Alexia Elassadi and Stuart Thomson
Apr 5, 2018

Blockchain and corporate communication

New paradigms and perspectives
By Franco Giacomozzi
Mar 26, 2018

Communicating culture and art

By Derya Acar Erguc
Mar 22, 2018

How to improve the communication of EU research projects

Findings from the Brussels Peer Coaching Session
By José Díez
Mar 22, 2018

From participation to likeability

Polarization of messages wins the favour of dissatisfied voters
by Marco Magli, Regional Coordinator for Italy
Mar 20, 2018