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Wanted: media consumer 2.0

Focus: Trust / The argument against legislating to counter fake news
Klaus Nørskov
Feb 16, 2017

Post-truth or multi-truth?

Focus: Trust / Why communicating in the new ‘post-truth’ society with the same old attitudes won't work
Vanya Babain
Feb 13, 2017

EACD News: New regional lead for France

EACD member Coralie Cornet joins the EACD ambassors team as regional lead for France
Feb 7, 2017

“We need to fight together against populism and nationalism.”

Focus: Europe / Caroline Guillaumin on the French presidential election campaigns
Interview with Caroline Guillaumin
Feb 7, 2017

How to counter alternative facts

Focus: Trust / The fundamentals of communication are the best weapon against lies
Ben Hunt, Director of Communications, Amadeus IT Group
Feb 6, 2017

Before communicating, you’d better know how to count

Focus: Europe / Emmanuel Bloch on a French communications crisis
Emmanuel Bloch
Feb 3, 2017

Fake news, real experts

Focus: Trust / What role should associations play in a post-truth era?
Alexandrine Gauvin
Jan 30, 2017

Alternative facts and the media (social and traditional)

EACD Forum moderator Oliver Herrgesell on the responsibilities of journalists and social media platforms
Jan 23, 2017

Shared values, responsibility and social media

EACD Forum panellist Johannes Hillje on how social media shapes politics.
Jan 16, 2017

“Over time, it will be the facts that matter”

EACD Forum keynote speaker Matthew Karnitschnig on Trump, Europe and fact checking
Jan 10, 2017

Setting the compass of storytelling

Stormy weather at EACD Coaching Day in Milan
Dec 15, 2016

How do we deal with difference?

EACD Forum panellist Professor Ana Adi on bursting bubbles and reaching out
Dec 15, 2016

“We cannot allow history to repeat itself”

Inge Wallage reflects on political communication at the 2016 EACD Forum
Dec 14, 2016