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Checklist for your blogger relations

Six points to consider when working with influencers
Toni Perez
Oct 10, 2017

The science behind personalised communications

Why future-proof brands are implementing personalised communications
By Kevin Lamers
Oct 6, 2017

Disinviting the vampires

There’s more than one alternative for Germany
By Chris Lewis
Oct 2, 2017

The new corporate affairs officer

By Richard Marshall
Sep 29, 2017

Communications lessons from the German elections

A personal take on the German election
By Erik Meyers
Sep 28, 2017

Will pragmatism prevail?

Part II of A New Reality for Germany
By Ernst Primosch
Sep 28, 2017

EACD appoints its first Managing Director

Inge Wallage to drive the European Association of Communication Directors into its next phase
Sep 28, 2017

A new reality in Germany

Looking at Germany's post-election political landscape
By Ernst Primosch
Sep 26, 2017

Big data and small data for smarter stakeholder management

Insights from the recent EACD Coaching Day in Geneva
By Phil Riggins
Sep 25, 2017

50 shades of... communications

Collaborating on a project with non-communication professionals
By Alexandrine Gauvin
Sep 6, 2017

Slave to the algorithm? The Copenhagen Debate review

Bots, smart cities and the ethics of handling data
By Rachel Proctor
Sep 4, 2017

Data -> customer insights -> monetisation

How to choose the right tool to monetise customer relevancy through data-driven insights
By Elizabeth Press
Sep 4, 2017