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Unlock strategic communication in building the future organisation

Review of EACD Oslo Debate March 2019
By Torund Bryhn
Apr 15, 2019

Comms Talks: Pharma

A frank conversation about ethics and trust in the pharmaceutical sector
Mar 26, 2019

When Business Shouts

Thoughts and questions inspired by recent roundtable
By Paul-Reza Afshar
Mar 20, 2019

Where next for European communication professionals?

Survey captures current trends and future practices
Angela Howarth
Feb 20, 2019

The leadership development journey

Announcing a new leadership development programme
Jan 23, 2019

Corporate activism in an age of radical uncertainty

EACD Forum 2018: review
Nov 23, 2018

Where's marcoms heading?

By: Eva Vestrheim
Nov 20, 2018

What does the future hold for the CCO?

Review of EACD Sofia event, 24 October 2018
By Vanya Babanin
Nov 8, 2018

Strategies for an uncertain world

Reflections on the EACD Milan Debate, 18 October
By Marco Magli
Nov 2, 2018

How To Be The Trusted Advisor: The CCO Role In Transformation

Findings from EACD event in Aarhus, 22 August
By Anders Monrad Rendtorff
Nov 1, 2018

Video interview with Hans Koeleman, President of the EACD

The development of the EACD and the communications function
Oct 15, 2018

EACD & Quiller Consultants Coaching Session 12 September

Using Data to manage risk and drive resilience
By Aleksandra Bakowska
Oct 5, 2018