Corporate conscience, purveyor of purpose and enterprise leader: expectations of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications Directors have never been higher. And the potential to make an impact has never been greater.

The Corporate Affairs Leadership Institute programme (CALI) - designed by Korn Ferry and European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), will set you up for success. It uses a unique blend of assessment, individual feedback, coaching and residential learning to develop you in two crucial areas: transformational leadership and strategic leadership.

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Research shows that in today’s complex, unpredictable world, it’s no longer enough to be a master of your own function. You also need to:

  • Be an executive who leads with courage, confidence and purpose.
  • Be agile in managing an ever-growing number of stakeholders, both in and outside of your organisation.
  • Play a critical role in transforming your organisation and its culture.

Korn Ferry, the world leader in leadership development, conducted a 6 month research study into the future of leadership within the function. They held conversations with CEO’s and sitting CCO’s and utilised assessment data of over 250 executives globally, in order to determine the leadership DNA required for success in terms of traits, drivers, competencies and experiences.

In close partnership with the EACD and its Board, Korn Ferry used those findings to design an exclusive leadership development programme that will help you focus on and further develop the specific skills and behaviours you need to succeed.

Why the CALI programme is different

  • It blends practitioner knowledge from the EACD with leadership development and Corporate Affairs expertise from Korn Ferry. The result is a highly immersive, world-class programme that’s 100% tailored to your needs.
  • It’s practical, not theoretical. We have grounded every aspect of the programme in your everyday context – so you can apply it as soon as you get back to work.
  • It focuses on behavioural change as well as awareness. That means you will get insights into what you need to do. But you will also be able to practise it in context, receive and reflect on feedback and keep trying until you achieve the change.
  • You will be part of an exclusive network of senior Corporate Affairs executives from a broad range of industries. So you will learn from people facing the same challenges as you, as well as from the programme directors.

What you will learn

The programme will stretch, challenge and develop you in two crucial areas:

1. Transformational leadership: Being a transformational leader is about using your mental and psychological agility to manage complexity in all its forms. It encompasses leading in a dynamic environment, where you need to analyse and reflect, and leading to bring about significant change. Both are vital to becoming an enterprise leader with purpose and influence.

The programme uses a series of frameworks to help you to improve your mastery of three dimensions of leadership:

  1. The ‘I’: how to behave in ways that are helpful to you, your colleagues and your business.
  2. The ‘You’: how to manage and influence a complex network of stakeholders wisely.
  3. The ‘It’: the skills you will need to make an impact as a leader in Corporate Affairs.

2. Strategic leadership: You can’t be an enterprise leader without understanding your business and what drives performance. This requires business insight – you have to understand the CEO agenda, the business strategy and the factors that lead to commercial succcess. To exert inflence, you also need to base your contibutions on evidence, and demonstrate courage and judgement. We will build upon your knowledge by givng you ways of orgaising and understanding complex issues.


Key dates

  • Virtual Kick off: 23 September 2019
  • From 1 October 2019 – Psychometric Online Assessment
  • 15- 31 October 2019- Individual coaching feedback
  • 19-20 November 2019 Residential 1 (London, United Kingdom)
  • 10-12 March 2020  Residential 2 (The Netherlands)
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Who it’s for

Corporate Affairs or Communications Directors in a leadership role within a multinational organisation – whether publicly listed, not-for-profit or privately owned.

Or: Members of, or contributors to, the Executive Management Committee and leaders of the Global, Regional/Divisional functional team.

What it costs

£10,700 per participant (excluding VAT, travel and accommodation).

Already a member of the EACD? The Association will waive your membership fee for the year in which you join the programme.

Not yet a member? The EACD will waive your first year's membership fee if you join when you register for the programme. 

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For more background, read our interview with EACD President Hans Koeleman and Korn Ferry's Desi Kimmins and Andrew Lowe


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash