The success of the EACD is based on the passion and commitment of its members. Wherever you’re located, at whatever level you work at, there are ample opportunities for you to become involved. Being active is an excellent way to meet fellow professionals, experts and leaders in the field who share an international responsibility and outlook. We’ve listed a few ways for you to become active:

Join a Working Group

EACD Working Groups focus on specific areas of communication and hold regular workshops and meetings. Their goals are to establish cross-institutional networks within specific fields and to develop and enhance topic-related standards that contribute to the enhancement of the communications function. The EACD currently has nine Working Groups, ranging from Associations to Stakeholder Insight & Analysis, which are led by a group heads who act as coordinator for members. Find out more here.

Join your Regional Group

Wherever you’re based in Europe, there’s a Regional Group near you, which holds regular get-togethers for local members. Members have the chance to share their knowledge and experiences with peers from across their region. Regional Coordinators organise events in capitals and major cities and act as local ambassadors for the EACD. Find your local Regional Group online.

Take part in an event

Throughout the year, The EACD organises a variety of events, in the form of coaching days, panel debates, forums, presentations with discussions, and more. These take place across Europe, covering strategic and tactically-relevant topics to the international communications function and beyond. Taking part in these events is free for members, and is the best way to meet your peers. It is an excellent way to improve your knowledge, enlarge your network and develop your career to the next stage. Check out the full calendar online.

Join the board

If you’re a current member of the EACD and are passionate about the role of the association in shaping the future of the communications function, you might consider joining our Board. Based on the appreciation that Board composition needs to be refreshed after several years, the line-up of our Board will change at the upcoming General Assembly (GA) on 12 June 2018. The GA will appoint the new Board. A Board Nomination Committee has been established with Board Members that will step down in June and who as such care for the welfare of the Association. The Committee safeguards the nomination process, liaises with the candidates and proposes a new Board team for appointment by the GA.

The quality of the EACD in all its aspects depends on an active board, which creates the agenda for the Association, develops its goals and sets the pace for the coming years. The EACD is determined to ensure that its board represents the association’s membership - the board should be multi-nationality, multi-sector and have a healthy balance of gender and age. To meet the criteria for joining the board, nominees must be in a top in-house communications role, be a full paying member of the EACD since at least 2017 and preference will be for those that have already played an active role in the EACD.

If you’re interested in a position on the Board, we would love to hear from you, including your motivation for wanting to join the board, as well as your vision of the communications function going forward.

Being active is an important way for you to contribute to our mission. We look forward to hearing from you. Drop us an email on:  and feel free to get in touch directly with Inge Wallage, our Managing Director, to explore ways. She can be reached on: or +31627093979.