The Young Communicator of the Year Award was handed out at the European Communication Summit last Thursday, 23 May. The three finalists of the award were given just three minutes to pitch their projects in front of an experienced audience of in-house communicators.

The communicator who received the most votes from the audience was honoured with the European Communication Award and the title of the Young Communicator of the Year.

Sophie Tolley (pictured above, left, with EACD Board Member Viktoria Mykhno), social media manager at The Scottish Government (@scotgoveurope) was selected by the audience as winner based on her work in the government's Single Market and Customs Union Campaign.

A Scottish Government social media campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of the Single Market and Customs Union to Scotland, in a tangible and relatable way. "I was aware that the general public were beginning to have 'Brexit fatigue' and that most people heard 'the Single Market & Customs Union' very often, without understanding how it actually affects their lives, and so very tangible examples were needed in order to break through," wrote Sophie in her award application.

The campaign had zero budget and so required creative and accessible content to maximise organic engagement and reach. The campaign increased the engagement on @scotgoveurope by 546%. On Twitter, the campaign posts had an organic reach of 1,483,596, and over 20,975 engagements. On Facebook, the campaign posts had an organic reach of 320,678 - with 3094 shares and almost 30,000 engagements.