Statements and comments of our members on the EACD.

Statements and comments of our members on the EACD.

The world around us is changing rapidly and if we want to stay relevant, communicators need to push the boundaries and learn from those leading the way. The EACD is an excellent forum for this thanks to peer-to-peer learning, lively exchanges and redefining the work we do for a modern age!

Katie Owens

Information and communication officer
European Commission
Professional communicators are increasingly encountering new challenges due to rapid technological innovations, the contamination of fact-based information and increase of radical debates. That is why I joined EACD, a community of people promoting expertise and international best practices. Let’s drive excellence in our profession.

Marco Magli

Communications & External Relations Director
More than ever it is essential to be connected in order to keep up with our development needs. The challenge today is to be in touch with the right people and selective information that will support your specific interests and enlighten innovative approaches with the exchange of relevant information and experiences. I decided to join EACD to be part of a central platform that supports pioneering knowledge and exchange of experience being fully centred towards communication professionals’ needs and interests.

Rodrigo Moreira

Corporate Communications Manager - Germany, Romania & New Markets
Sierra Germany
The opportunity to connect with other communications professionals for exchanging ideas and generating new approaches, along with being on the pulse of the communications industry trends through the EACD, sealed my decision to join. I attended the European Communications Summit in 2014 and went home full of new thinking. The atmosphere was really quite unique in its openness.

Miina Keto

Communications Manager
Pöyry PLC
2014 was my first EACD Summit as a new member of the association. Joining such a high quality group of communications professionals from very diverse areas gives me a unique opportunity to stay in touch with current and future trends in communication and exchange experiences. Very valuable for my daily work!

Stefan Junqué

Head of Marketing Life Insurance
AG Insurance
2013 is my first EACD Summit as a member of the association. Joining such a high quality group of communications professionals is a valuable experience and it is motivating to know that I can continue to exchange topics and ideas with my peer group.

Camille Bourdon Ballard

Corporate Internal Communications Manager
Essilor Group
When I realised the EACD was based in Belgium, everything began to fall into place. EACD membership is a must because of the networking opportunities. As a newcomer to Brussels, to find a place with plenty of people with common concerns both professional and personal is wonderful. I feel the EACD is a real think-tank, where we can share our experiences, challenges, projects, worries, and learn from our peers to pursue the right way. I have big expectations, but I am sure they will be reached!”

Ignacio de la Serna

Marketing Manager
I’m really delighted to join the EACD as it’s a unique way to exchange ideas, thoughts and initiatives with peers on current topics and upcoming communications trends. This access to high level discussions as well as to a wealth of information is of great value both in terms of efficiency in the job and for personal development.

Frederic Boullard

Regional PR Manager
With a dual focus on providing opportunities to meet and share experiences with other communicators and delivering valuable information from some of Europe‘s leading communications representatives, joining the EACD is a natural extension of my career

Abby Bailey

Marketing and Communications Director
I've been an EACD member for a couple of years now, and I have always found this membership unique in benefits. It's an easy way to make valuable professional and personal contacts at the regular EACD meetings, which are highly professionally organized and topical in content, granting access to a wealth of useful information. I've experienced fellow EACD members - regardless of their seniority or business hierarchy - to be extremely open to networking, and exchanging with them is not only a key activity for personal growth and career development but also really fun.

Dani Meyer

Senior Manager Internal Communications & Public Affairs