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Communication Director is a quarterly magazine for in-house corporate communications and public relations in Europe. Published in English, it features articles by corporate heads at some of Europe's largest companies, as well as by leading academics and other thought-leaders in the field of communications. The magazine documents opinions on important strategic questions in communication, discovers transnational developments and discusses their relevance from a European perspective.

On the EACD pages, the European Association of Communication Directors presents its activities and projects and provides a platform of discussion for its members. All members of the EACD receive the magazine for free.

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For many industries, fake news is not a new story; pharma and the financial sector, for example, have long been the target of biased claims or distorted facts. What is new is the technology that enables the wildfire spread of falsehoods, stories that aren’t easily distinguishable from the rest of our news feeds. This presents a real risk to companies across Europe, whatever their industry. Could the fake news model as perfected in the Trump campaign be adapted by someone maliciously wanting to take down a company (a disgruntled employee, for example, or a competitor)? What plans do you have in place to survive an avalanche of untrue, negative stories? Does Facebook’s refusal to be seen as a publisher put European companies in an especially vulnerable position when it comes to fighting fake news? In this issue of Communication Director, we explore how communicators can help their organisations overcome this very real threat.