Service Brochures

The EACD publishes constructive manuals that give advice on practical questions of European communic

Service Brochures

Service Brochures

In this service brochure, Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner and Executive Member of the Board at Reputation Institute, analyses insights from the 2014 Reputation Leaders study and gives practical advice on how to handle your reputation in new complex business environments.

Companies now operate in a dynamic environment, fraught with both challenges and opportunities. At the root of this is the shifting relationship between the corporate and public worlds. James Brock, Executive Director, Addison Group uses his 25+ years of client side and agency experience to provide interesting insights and food-for-thought in this recent EACD Service Brochure.

Strong brands convey relevant and distinctive brand promises and create a sense of belonging. Even more importantly, they fulfil these promises every day. Developments in social media have changed the world of brands: it has become a place where anyone can express their opinion about your brand and where that opinion will be heard. In cooperation with VIM Group, this 11th EACD Service Brochure explores the future of brand management.

“Story”, something of a buzzword in marketing and communications has finally entered the corporate world. Companies everywhere have started talking about “getting their story straight”. What is corporate storytelling? Why is it needed now? And where should we apply its principles to achieve what ends? This brief guide attempts to provide some answers.

If the 1990s were the ‘golden age of innovation’ and the 2000s were the ‘risk decade’, then what’s next? In the brave new world of 2012, it is not only what you sell that matter most: it is what you stand for and how you conduct business. This brochure serves as a constructive manual on how to handle issues in this field.

This paper discusses how digital communications can play a role in the practice of Public Affairs setting forth common fallacies and misconception as well as outlining key principles for effective storytelling.

This brochure explains how to find clear messages and strategies in CSR, how to assess these strategies internally and to identify needs of stakeholders, and highlights the importance of a clear impact assessment to create sustainability.

This Service Brochure provides a handy checklist of things to consider in career planning and actions to take but also addresses common pitfalls of a lack of planning.

Businesses increasingly operate globally and also major media are accessed globally. This brochure addresses the challenges that must be met in order to address evaluation and monitoring across borders.

The financial media landscape has changed drastically in the last years. The brochure lays down these developments and outlines methods on how to handle changes in this environment.

The ever increasing importance of PR also means that evaluating and enhancing the performance of PR agencies that organisations employ gains further significance. This brochure outlines principles and key steps for a more effective PR.

Operating internationally not only means higher stakes but also involves various communicational challenges. This brochures gives an overview of what these are and how to overcome them.