To foster professionalism and knowledge creation in communications, the EACD is involved in a number

European Communication Professionals Skills & Innovation Programme (ECOPSI)

The European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation Programme (ECOPSI) findings reveal that there are numerous opportunities for deeper and on-going professional training and development to support the practice in moving away from an on-the-job learning approach towards knowledge acquisition and development. To address this shift, the ECOPSI research team used the findings on communication practitioner roles across Europe and developed the Portal for Advancing Communication Education (P4ACE) and a self-diagnostic tool called P4ACE.


The Portal (for) Advancing Communication Expertise is a new communication competencies diagnostic tool dedicated to supporting continuing professional development for communication practitioners in Europe. The portal allows you to:

  • Learn about the essential competencies needed in the workplace
  • Read case studies of real communication practitioners who talk about the competencies needed in today’s changing work place
  • Evaluate your competencies through the unique P4ACE assessment tool
  • Explore ways to develop your competencies within select regions in Europe

The Portal (for) Advancing Communication Expertise supports individual practitioners in benchmarking their current knowledge, skills and personal attributes.

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Along with a research consortium of six leading universities, the EACD is a partner of the European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation Programme (ECOPSI), a European funded project which aims to map and evaluate the current and future communication management skills of practitioners across Europe.

The context for this project is a communication sector in Europe which has grown and developed significantly over the last 20 years. This expansion has been influenced by political, economic and cultural shifts which have seen profit and non-profit organisations equally recognise the role and significance of communication in achieving organisational goals. These include managing reputation and image as key assets of organisations.

The ECOPSI project aims to map and understand the actions and activities of communicators specifically in this European landscape to build knowledge and understanding of what they do but also what skills and knowledge they need to develop to have a shared meaning and understanding of the practice.  The programme maps and evaluates the current and future communication management skills of practitioners across Europe and fills a competency, skills and knowledge gap in the field of professional communication management by providing open source information resources for communication practitioner skills diagnosis and development.

Infographics and other information are freely available on the ECOPSI website.

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